Delivery Policy

It is our aim and desire that we supply every order of product made on our website in good condition and without installation fault, but occasionally things can go wrong. In the event that we are unable to meet your expectations for reasons beyond our control or force majeure case, we would accept returns based on the following requirements:

1. It is within seven (7) days from the delivery date.
2. The item is in NEW condition. The torch or flashlight must not be permanently switched on. No further damage should be done on the product; inverters and batteries must not be touched or opened. Surge suppressor must not be tampered with. Solar
PV cells must not be broken.
3. The item is in its ORIGINAL packaging, with all accessories intact (including warranty cards, manuals, certificates of authenticity, tags, etc.). Inverters must have their manuals, cables and other accessories in place. Branded electronics and other
power electronics (Inverters, Solar Genrators, Rechargeable fans, emergency lights, power banks etc) must be unopened with seals intact.
4. If the item came with a free promotional item, then the promotional item must also be returned.